The Ugly Shoes Contest

Saturday, we had a fun expedition to a shoe discount place. Both The Harpist and Reedy Girl needed shoes for fencing (as in foils, not what surrounds your yard.) And they needed dressier shoes than for the occasional moment that we are not in our favorite outfits (jeans and Tshirts!) Marketing Genius (a friend from church) wanted to find some pairs for work and for kicking around. And yours truly needed something besides her Birkies for upcoming student sermons…


We went to the big shoe store. Big. Hundreds of shoes. Lotsa choices. And we did find shoes we liked, but we also found some BODACIOUSLY ugly ones. I mean it. See?

So here’s a very serious question…

Which pair is the ugliest? PLEASE VOTE!

Pair number one: I shudder to think if one could find socks to match…

Pair number two: And WHO could walk in these shoes without needing to have ankle surgery afterwards?

Pair number three: Potentially perfect for that special purple-luscious outfit… but who would want an outfit that color?

Pair number four: Words fail me… that could politely suggest what “occupation” might require wearing these!

Oh.. yes.. I did indeed find shoes for a preacher woman. 🙂 I’ll model them later!


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