And cats think HUMANS are strange…

This is just TOOO funny.

This morning, I came in the bathroom recently to find one of our cats, Tiria, having a good ol’ chew on a toothbrush. (It wasn’t mine… but… I replaced my toothbrush AND my beloved’s.)

After I replaced the toothbrushes, I covered them. Apparently the new minty-fresh taste we just started using is cat-tastic in flavor. Interestingly, the girls have been covering theirs for some time… and never told us why…

How long has this been going on? I don’t want to know!!! I will be sure and tell any house guests to keep their toothbrushes hooded!

At any rate, Tiria apparently was annoyed with me and blogged about it here.

Here’s to a good chuckle along the way…


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