More than a friend for the journey

I don’t blog about him enough…

My closest friend for the journey is my Beloved Bearded Spouse. I guess I don’t write about him a lot because he’s an introvert and I don’t want to shove him “out there” into the blogosphere. But there is no way I could do this adventure I am on without him.

For example…
In less than 24 hours he has…

  • …managed the home front (I had meetings from 8-2:30)
  • …did troubleshooting on the wireless router (what IS it doing???)
  • …reminded me that it was time for supper (I forget when I am “on task”)
  • …joined me for a casual chat with M&K
  • …prepared the coffee autopot for the morning (ahhhhh)
  • …set the alarm for me (something I often forget to do and frequently goof up)
  • …herded the kids to church on time (no easy feat, even if they DO dress and get breakfast by themselves!)
  • …corralled the kids and got them home for lunch (45 minutes ahead of me!)
  • …and now he’s off doing his son-ly duties when he really wants a nap…

Then there’s the numerous times he has…

  • …covered things at home when I am involved in ministry.
  • …handled the TOTAL home life while I am traveling, or at modular week at school.
  • …give me a (small) dropkick to go to the doctor because I am sick.
  • …living with and loving my family of many loud, happy folks when he comes from a small quiet one.

Not to mention…

  • …the long talks, with me venting and him philosophizing on what it is that has me REALLY ticked
  • …finding resources or ideas for me when I am stumped on research
  • …making me see possibly a more *balanced* view than my emo one (as if!)
  • …taking a stand for me, with me when I feel attacked
  • …reminding me that the “best things” in life are usually right here. Not “out there.”
  • …giving fantabulous backrubs!

I think I’m blessed. Wait. I take that back. I KNOW I am.

So thanks, love…

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