A year done… two to go…

I have been working on my official “ADP” (“Approved Degree Plan” — and I had to look up what ADP meant!) for seminary. The school recently changed the list of courses it would likely be offering in the next two year cycle. This means that I have to re-configure when I’m taking what. This fall’s classes are set:

  • Models of Biblical Discipleship
  • Preparation of Biblical Messages
  • and interning (which is wisely called “Spiritual Formation 2” — because if you are not being shaped in the process of serving God, there is something really really wrong with you.)

I have a lot of required courses, but the issue is actually which courses I will use to pad the pile as my electives. Some of the electives are focused in directions I don’t really care to go in… and some I am not able to take because I am electing to complete an M.A. not an M.Div. This is already my second Master’s Degree… I just can’t see doing the “eternal student” gig at the tender age of 50-something. And no, I ain’t going for a PhD or D.Min. I don’t like writing or verbal fertilizer that much.

I’ve completed requirements in:

  • NT and OT
  • Languages
  • Basic ministerial (Church and Ministry, Church Admin.)

Definitely in the hopper:

  • CPE (next summer, I hope)
  • Pastoral Theology and Systematic Theology
  • Required amounts of Philosophy of Religion, Missiology and Church History (yerg)

That leaves about 12 hours of “eh, I guess I can take that class since it fits…”

So I humbly request any thoughts you have on “wish I woulda taken” or “don’t EVEN bother” courses for your model seminarian.


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