Mindy’s Bavarian Friends

I introduce you to these dear folk with the understanding that they did not talk much to me. I think they just wanted to tell their dear friend Mindy “Mooooooooten Tag!” They were quite congenial, given the language barrier and all…

The Apotheke Shopper

This dear lady was walking in front the drug store. I didn’t ask what she was buying. Bag balm? (Some things you don’t ask, you know…) I complimented her on her lovely hide, because I liked all of the children of the world painted all over her. Her other side is the other half of the world… that photo didn’t come out because it was in the shade. I apologized for botching that photo. She told me this was her better side any way.

The Embarrassed Green Teats Cow

This lovely lady was annoyed because someone decided to paint half of her udder green and the other half flesh colored. I think she understood that it was only body paint. “But really,” she said. “GREEN teats? As if.” I did try to reassure her that what she represented (cafe au lait and ice cream) was indeed quite an honor. But somehow, I think the green teats done her in.

The Epitome of Patience…

This dear lady was never alone. Someone was always sitting on her. I asked her if she minded. She said it was OK… and then sighed. Look at her face… doesn’t she look like the epitome of patience???
SOooo there you are, Princess Mindy. Your friends send their greetings from MOooooooooonich with love to you. (Actually, these gals live in Garmisch, in Bavaria… but it’s just easier and a whole lot more fun for them to say MOooooooooonich…)


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