Packing… packing…

The new TSA regs make life interesting when one is traveling overseas for two weeks… Determining is a “gel-like consistency” and what is not has made for a fun rearrangement of my toiletries bag. Plus I heard from a friend who travelled Spain and back that they do not like “geezer boxes” of meds (my usual method of packing my meds because it is space-effecient!) She apparently did this and she got the, uh, “Spanish Inquisition” (and NOooobdy expects the Spanish Inquisition!) SO… I will take individual bottles and pillboxes and “geezer them up” when I arrive.

I have tolerated having a pat-down and getting the “special interviews” going and coming through Customs. I understand the reason for turning on and hand-checking all electronic devices. I even accepted that I would have to take off my shoes. But I feel a bit exposed having ALL the supplements and meds labeled for the world to read as I re-pack them.

In the grand scheme of things… it’s nada…

See you in a few weeks, friends… don’t feel too sorry for me!


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