Friday Five: Hasty Edition

ReverendMother of RevGals writes:

Whoops! I have been in a family-induced haze these few days, with the July 4 holiday and taking time off while relatives are visiting. So I literally lost track of what day it was!

So rather than make you guys wait even one minute longer for the five, I’ll dig up an oldie:

Today, what are you:

1. Wearing
Capris, a tank top and a pair of happy bare feet!

2. Reading
FIRST – I am WAITING for the next HP book!!! But in the meantime, I am reading Velvet Elvis by Rob Bell (OK, so I am a month behind on RevGals reading!) and a smattering of (YAWN!!!) Church Administration textbooks. Slogging through Leviticus in my daily Bible chapters. Not to mention the odd “eh, THAT looks interesting” at the library…

3. Eating
Fresh strawberries and blueberries on my cereal this morning!

4. Doing
Getting ready for Reedy Girl’s Birthday BBQ tonight! 7 friends are coming. We are having Chicks on a stick, chips and dips, chocolate cake and having fun with flip flops (decorating them!) Should be wild and fun to boot.

5. Pondering
The conservative Christian subculture. (See this post…)

Yeah. It’s been a pot-stirring week. He he. “Mischief managed.”


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