A night at the Opera…

NOoooo…. not THAT one

We went to see The Phantom of the Opera at the Kennedy Center Friday night. Such fun! And even though it was not cheap in the “nosebleed seats” it was still worth it. It was a four-way birthday celebration since we managed to compress our birthdays into two months of the year, June and July!

Our lovely daughters! At left, Reedy Girl and the Harpist pose on the terrace of the Kennedy Center. Our couture was approved and coordinated by Reedy Girl. The Harpist is in a new ensemble she wanted for her birthday. Even Beloved Bearded Spouse and I cleaned up pretty well for this auspicious occasion!

“Masquerade! Paper faces on parade . . .”

I couldn’t resist getting them to pose when we saw these masks at the gift shop! (No, we didn’t buy them…)

It was truly a magical night. Even if we did drive into Northern Virginia because we missed a turn and ended up on the Roosevelt Bridge… (ooops! that was our turn!) …did a U-turn to cross back over the bridge again, made another U-turn to go the right direction on New Hampshire Avenue, and then made an illegal left turn to finally find the Kennedy Center parking garages.

Ah well. It was worth every pretty penny!


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