Wishing Part 2…

OK, so I made some people uncomfortable with my last post. Put some folks’ knickers in a knot…

I would like to say with all gentleness, and with great Christian love, “tough noogies!”

I still won’t post your comments since they were both anonymous AND rude… (but since you asked and I feel like being a little snarky, no I didn’t burn my bras.)

In conversations since that post, I have had a couple of people say to me, “well, I don’t mind a woman serving as a pastor if she is ABLE to, but I haven’t sorted out whether a woman should be a head pastor or not.”

These are people I could call at least acquaintances. Or friends. But they couldn’t go beyond their blanket statement. What did they mean by “ABLE” to? Why is it OK to be a pastor, but not a ‘head’ pastor? They squirmed. And didn’t give an answer.

When I asked if there were separate Biblical qualifications, there was no real answer. This begs the question. Either the woman is called to preach and teach the Word, or she is not.

Sometimes, I want to give up. It feels like I am banging my head against the wall. This desire and Call to the pastorate is beyond a choice. It’s a compulsion. It’s an inner spring coil that only stopped niggling at me when I acquiesced and said, “OK. You are in charge.”

If you are reading this and saying, “Geesh, she’s a little emo here.”

Yeah. I am. But that isn’t stopping me. Sorry.


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