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I have friends who have gone through ‘drive-by’ mastectomies. Maybe you have too. These are operations – – major surgery — where the patient is discharged in less than 24 hours because the insurance companies have decided that there is no medical risk. I know there are some women who prefer to go home and heal. But there are many more who need time to adjust and adapt to the change in their bodies, and in their diagnosis.

The LifeTime TV channel has a page up which supports a bill which would prevent this practice. Please visit:
It takes all of two seconds…

I verified it on Snopes to be sure it isn’t an “urban legend”… the sad news is that in both the House and the Senate, the bill never got out of committee in 2007. There is widespread support for this bill from politicians and their constituents, but apparently the lobbyists are stronger than our combined opinions. So perhaps writing your own representative and senators would be a good idea too.

Click away, friends… I did.

P.S. I had my mammogram this year… did you???

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