POST NUMBER 300!!!???

I was about to post something else, but realized that for a milestone post I wanted to blog about something more significant. And something that has nothing to do with me.

Many of the things I blog, I admit, have this selfish, “here’s what I’m thinking” type of post. Sometimes there are profound thoughts. Many times there are completely silly ones. And sometimes, I just want to keep writing, sharing, thinking “out loud” — and for some reason, I get a lot of hits of people who want to read it anyway. (go figure)

But for a milestone post… my heart wants to go a totally different direction. Darfur.

If you have not been to the Eyes on Darfur site, please go there. Now. Today.

Amnesty International has a website up that gives a clear picture of the devastation in the western Sudan region. Look at the satellite evidence of how many homes, villages and people have been wiped out. Completely obliterated. Then read about the action steps you can take. Some as little as remembering to pray. Others, for those of you who have the connections or the fire in your belly to do so, writing, talking, speaking out about the genocide.

And if speaking out isn’t your cuppa, here’s a different exercise that I just thought up for my own devotions today, and one you can do too…

  1. go to Google maps
  2. in the search bar, type in the name of your hometown and state (or where you were born)
  3. click on “satellite” to see a view of the terrain, houses and community structures
  4. zoom in to as close a level as you can and try to identify your home, school, church, local grocer, etc.
  5. imagine if everything you know and see in that map picture is burned and gone
  6. pray
Kyrie Eleison…
Christe Eleison…
Kyrie Eleison…


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