You know you’re a DE (Distance Ed.) student when…

…you have all of the wireless hotspots memorized in your hometown

…you have figured out your course schedule for the semester and then realized if you pay your tuition you can’t afford housing when you get to modular week

…you have yet to figure out how you are supposed to research a project for your modular class when the library closes early every night you are on campus for your modular class.

…you know how to respond to the statement, “Oh, so if you take your classes on-line, you must have lots of free time!”

…you love the flexibility but hate the BlackBoard postings

…you love your family, your church and your friends… and have yet to figure out how to have good quality time with all of them when you have another paper due…

…you keep plugging away at your degree… maybe Jesus won’t come back before you graduate!



P.S. Yes – I am in class this “summer” (the term started last week…) Intro to Biblical Languages and Church Administration. Nothing too taxing (har dee har har)

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