Advent: Names of God (week two)

Week Two of Advent. No less busy than the first, and the rehearsals, concerts and parties are appearing on the calendar fast and furious. The coming celebration of Christmas is now, and not yet (in more ways than one!) Here’s this week’s snippets to think on as you run your errands, sit in traffic, and yes, find time to remember God in the mix!

From our home to yours –

December 10
Name of God: “My Refuge”
Scripture: Psalm 9:9, 46:1

December 11th
Name of God: “Shepherd”
Scripture: John 10:14; Psalm 23

December 12th
Name of God: “Son of God”
Scripture: Matthew 14:33; Luke 1:35; Revelation 2:18

December 13th
Name of God: “I AM”
Scripture: Exodus 3:14

December 14th
Name of God: “Mighty God”
Scripture: Genesis 49:24; Job 36:5; Isaiah 9:6

December 15th
Name of God: “Holy One”
Scripture: Psalm 16:10; 89:18; Proverbs 9:10; Isaiah 29:19

December 16th
Name of God: “The Lamb”
Scripture: John 1:29, 36; Revelation 7:10

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