Advent: Names of God (week one)

Life gets busy in December. Like you, I have more than enough to fill my calendar, let alone finding some of that rare commodity called “free time”! I don’t want to turn around twice and discover that Christmas has come and I barely stopped to think about the Advent of the Christ Child. One of the things I have done in year’s past is to keep just a small phrase in my mind related to one of Names of God found in the Bible. It has been moderately successful — simple things for simple minds! I’ll post them a week at a time (at least that’s the plan!) and hope that they encourage and bring you close to God, too.

From our home to yours…


December 3
Name of God: “Bread of Life”
Scripture: John 6:48

December 4
Name of God: “Bright Morning Star”
Scripture: Rev. 22:16

December 5
Name of God: “Faithful”
Scripture: I Cor. 10:13

December 6
Name of God: “Friend”
Scripture: John 15:15

December 7
Name of God: “My Provider”
Scripture: Genesis 22:14

December 8
Name of God: “Ancient of Days”
Scripture: Daniel 7:13-14

December 9
Name of God: “The Potter”
Scripture: Isaiah 64:8

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