Check. Check. Check. Is this on?

You musicians out there know what I mean. It’s time for the weekly “sound check” and you stare blankly at your beloved techie at the board when it’s your turn and say something wise like “check-check… check… one-two” or if you have enough caffeine in you, you might be witty and say “check-cash-credit” or something else much overused.

Well, as a public service, I am compiling a list of things to say or sing when you must produce something for your next sound check. (Note to guitarists: Stairway to Heaven in ANY key is NOT ON THIS LIST! please…)

In no particular order, the Baroness of Sound Checks (that would be me – Baroness because “Queen” sounded presumptuous!) suggests the following:

  1. Cheryl Wheeler’s Potato Song (which is set to the tune of the Mexican Hat Dance.)
  2. Dr. Suess’s Tweetle Beetles soliloquy which is not set to music but is great inflection and diction practice!
  3. Words to any camp song that your children brought home from camp and you can’t quite remember all the words. (And yes, you did pay good money for them to learn “great green gobs of…” Well, you know…)
  4. The Twelve Days of Christmas, with your own words, natch, because who can remember the real ones?
  5. Any bad imitation of the rock star of your choice. Bob Dylan doesn’t count unless you want to practice your mumble…
  6. Scripture memory show-off. If you’ve gotten all those “begats” down from Matthew 1, here’s the time to speak ’em.
  7. I should mention some patter song from Gilbert & Sullivan… Perhaps “Modern Major General”?
  8. The Llama Song makes my kids happy…
  9. No opera. No no no…..

Your techies will love you forever if you do this. I promise.

Check. Check. Check. Is this on?

from our home to yours…

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