Break it down

“I can’t do this!!” I heard my daughter wailing from the next
room. “It’s too hard!”

A quick trip to the piano revealed the problem. Her new music was complicated enough that she could not just sight-read it any more.

“Break it down, honey,” I said. “Take little parts at a time, one
hand at a time.”

She had to slowly work on one hand, then the other, until she could put it together. It was actually a good sign that she was progressing and playing harder music, but she didn’t see it that way.

We worked out a new way to practice, which, to her disgust, took more time and repetitions than previous practice sessions. Over the course of a week, she was able to master the new music, but with great effort and tenacity on her part.

I began to ponder how I struggle in similar ways when I face new and difficult changes. I don’t want to ‘break it down’. I just want to DO. I don’t want to practice or try again. I want to get it right ‘the first time’. Or I don’t want to do the same thing day after day. I get bored with the basics. In piano, it’s scales, arpeggios and warm-up exercises. In my spiritual life, it’s prayer, Bible study, Scripture memory, and self-discipline.


Yup. Time to break it down again…

From our home to yours,

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