Soup Kitchen or the Buckeyes?

It was tempting. VERY tempting!

Now that we have cable, I could have gotten a pay-per-view showing of the Ohio State vs. Michigan game. THE game of the season. It’s hard not to get to watch the OSU games each week. Instead it’s Maryland with BoDiddley Tech on the local stations. Ugh.

BUT – today is the day our church works at a local soup kitchen, The Lord’s Table. We usually take the girls and go make bread, set tables, serve the guests, and help with clean up. It’s a hard afternoon’s work. And right in the middle of it is an important college football game! Oh my.

So yes, I could have stayed home and sent my family. Or, we could have gone earlier in the afternoon and then left in time to watch the game in our cozy family room. But, what message would that send? I tried to imagine saying to Jesus, “sorry, have to watch the Buckeyes. Someone else will have to serve today.”

I chose to be a good example and go work at the soup kitchen. I chose to put my comforts aside, and my preferences. I don’t feel holy about my choice. I just know that Jesus was pleased. I totally forgot about the game because of the pleasure of being His Servant. And win or lose, I knew that the game would go on without me. (But they won?!!! YAHOO!!)

Sometimes, the little steps of obedience are the ones that make the biggest impression on my heart. Forget anyone else’s. It was a pleasure to obey. How often do I say that (HINT: not very.)

From our home to yours…


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