A New Heart Song

I have frequently referred to songs that speak to my Spirit as “heart songs.” Today I heard a new one and wanted to commend it to you. Josh Garrels’ song┬áMay You Find a Light is gentle, encouraging, and speaks to the real need we all have to find fellow travelers on this road. It makes … More A New Heart Song

Seek the beautiful

I’m so tired of ugly words and mean people. Really ugly words. And really mean people. And I’m using vague and trite-sounding words because I can’t write the string of profanities that would flow from my mouth and melt my keyboard. I’m not kidding. That ugly. That @#*$!!! is mean. Here’s reality: hard things come … More Seek the beautiful

O Joy?

There is this strange idea in some strands of Christianity that we will never have problems or have “bad things happen” if we are truly Jesus-loving people. As if. From the first fig leaf, humanity has seen and known pain, discouragement and doubt. But that’s not what sells, is it? The kiddie Bible my kids … More O Joy?