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Here’s What I Know

It was a seemingly random phone call as I sat waiting for my flight at the airport… “Here’s what I know,” I said, As I watched the criss-cross of people, Hurrying here and there, Carrying bags and talking on phones, Rushing like there’s no…

Bone weary gratitude

  Something hit me. Hard. Whatever it was (or is!), I went from 100 mph doing chores, cleaning dishes and getting charting done to about 5 mph as I crawled into bed at 9 pm and slept for about 12 hours. A fever and…

Mr. Henry’s Wild Ride: Or… what happens when the chaplain is sleep-deprived

Last week was one of those weeks where sleep deprivation did a number on me. I had to take my car in to our mechanic for servicing, which required that I ride the bus home. I am normally a functioning adult and have no…

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