And now, THIS!


My grandfather’s bread

As a pastor, I have the privilege of seeing the highs and lows of Life. Some of the hardest journeys I join are those families who have a relative with Alzheimer’s Disease or the related dementias.

The exhaustion is real. The emotional, physical and spiritual impacts are immense. There is progress towards finding a cure… but there’s quite a ways to go!

So, in October, I’m walking in the DC area Walk to End Alzheimer’s. We’ll be there, rain or shine, on the National Mall. I’m joining my co-workers and friends as we raise money for research, support and education about this disease.

You can read about my reasons for walking here — and if you so desire, you can also donate. On behalf of my patients and their families… thank you!

A humble request

I know you read a gazillion of these… but I set a modest goal of $200 for the Alzheimer’s Walk coming up in October. Every dollar helps… and I’d love to meet and exceed my goal.

So here’s my humble request… click here and donate. I don’t even know who the first donor was, but I’m grateful. $10 or $100, any amount.

On behalf of all of my Alzheimer’s patients and their families, I thank you.