Breathe Deeply

As the tide rolls in and out in the salt marsh and the egrets dance in the waving grass Breathe deeply Know that God is near. When the seagulls gather to gossip and feed and the waves push in, scattering with the foam Breathe deeply Rest in the beauty of the Creator. As the sea … More Breathe Deeply

Fragile Beauty

Our world was iced over this morning. The patio and steps (made of slate) were slippery and very difficult to walk on safely. But as the temperature rose, the ice layers melted. I stepped out to take some pictures and reflect. So much of what we think of as “beauty” is such a fleeting thing: … More Fragile Beauty

From The Blotter

I had to throw away a desk blotter – the kind that you can slide pictures or little quotes underneath. (I know it doesn’t make much sense to have this kind of desk blotter, particularly since mine is always COVERED with papers. But I like them.) Anyway, there were some quotes that I had carefully … More From The Blotter