Beauty at the Beach

Beauty at the Beach

It’s a place that speaks through its silence and its beauty,
in the riot of colors and variety of vegetation
in the changes of humidity and the intensity of the heat
in the opportunity for rest and silence…
For these and many other reasons,
I enjoy our trips to the ocean.
In a place that is “home” and yet not.

God is louder
the world fades
and relationships that matter are closely in focus.

I go home a little sunburnt
a little travel weary
and deeply blessed.

May these photos take you to a safe and lovely place
in your mind
and in the presence of One
Who knows and loves us all.

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These photos were taken at Harbor Island, SC and Hunting Island, SC in 2014 and 2015. 

Beach Babies: A Story about Safety

It could have been a horrible, horrible accident. But it was prevented by a knowledgeable bystander, and a lot of grace.

Please read and share this link! Stacey’s story is one that every beach-going family needs to see.

It wasn’t that long ago that we were slathering on the sunscreen and tugging on water wings. Now they’re off on their own grand adventures.

I’m grateful our little beach babies have grown up into lovely young women.

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Video blogging

Some slight technical difficulties (my ignorance on converting files!) but I think we are ready to roll. The video blog is actually two videos in one.

The first part uses Jennifer Knapp’s song “Peace” to express how I find a deep sense of joy and peace when I spend time with God at the beach. And the second part takes a piece called “Lotus Blossom” and is an invitation for you — the next time you walk on a beach or some solitary place where God’s Creation out-shouts the noise of the civilized world… sign up for a “Meet-up” with God.

The photography was taken during the last week… the beauty and the artwork is all God’s.

Enjoy… The direct link is here…