Plastic Roaches in my Kitchen

Many many years ago, my brother got “a pound of plastic roaches” from the people who specialize in weird, Archie McPhee. (Weird in a really good way. Really.) Every time there was a present or a package from him, we would get a few more. If you do the math, a pound of plastic bugs, approximately 2.5 inches, is a lot of roaches.

Why would Archie McPhee have plastic roaches, you ask? the same reason they carry bacon pajamas, finger slugs and existentialist gum. Because they can.

The roaches have lived in various places around our home. Places that annoy and startle visitors. (You know… Beside the toilet. On the bathroom counter. In the pantry.) And now, we are down to our last plastic roach. (Yes. I grieve.) I am confident of its whereabouts, however, as one of the cats just hockeyed it under the fridge. And there it shall stay…. for a while.

If it disturbs you that I don’t clean under my fridge on a regular basis, you are most welcome to come on over and show me the most efficient way to do it. I’ll take notes and then promptly lose them.

Back in the day, the wonders of McPhee were via catalogue only. Their descriptions made for good (bathroom) reading (or if you were slightly tipsy). Pictures were optional and your imagination never really stood up to reality. But now, ah now. One can peruse the pages and read the descriptions. And laugh. Or groan. Or marvel that someone would PAY for this stuff. Srsly. Check out the Sales Page.

So when I next go to Seattle, I will make plans to stop by the store. Yes! The real brick-and-mortar home of this fantastic place. Maybe I’ll try on a Cthulhu mask, or get my very own Charles Darwin ornament.

Or maybe I’ll just be shopping for Christmas presents. You never know…

Trying to get there from here…

Festival of Homiletics is coming in May… the stock market tumble killed any financial “slush fund” we had. (I’m chuckling as I write that – it was more like an “ice cube” than a “slush”.)

Hoping and praying that…
– I can find time with my classes to go
– We can find the money to register and get me there
– I can find a cheap place to stay closeby so I don’t have to drive and/or rent a car

Yeah. It’s possible.