Perspective is Everything

Somewhere over Indiana… I think.

That momentary darkness
A burst of blinding light
The morning walk around the neighborhood
A hellish commute to work
Perspective is everything

Finding a piece of the puzzle
Learning a new bit of my reality
Asking, for once, the right questions
Trusting God enough to wait
Perspective is everything

Rising above your circumstances
Walking on and getting closer to your goal
Seeing around the bend
God giving you hope to hang on
Perspective is everything

It’s worth it
You’re worth it
Hang on
Hold on
Perspective is everything

On the road again…

She’s being bad again.
What’s she doing?
WHAT?? I thought you hid the uitcases-say!
I thought YOU hid them.
This is just SOoooo wrong.

Well… sorry kittehs…

The Harpist and I are headed to Providence, RI for the All-Eastern music conference. Along with 50 others from her high school orchestra plus other chaperones.

I’ve loaded my iPod and repacked… (left out shoes. DUH.) and decided to leave my laptop behind. Whatever assignments are due, will be late. Life it too short to sit hunkered over a laptop on a bus. Besides, I have LOTS of things to read for upcoming papers.

Yee haw…

Ya’ll be good and I’ll post pictures and tell you about it when I’m back.