Say WHAT!?!??

Ever have one of those days where you think you might be forgetting something? Something important? Something REALLY important? Some days you get by on a whole lotta luck. (And yes. I gave the truck a lot of space because doing the “hand truck slalom” was not on my to-do list today!)


Two stickies off the timeline… six to go. Life is not predictable, so I’m wondering if they will all get done. And if they don’t, they don’t. I may get my first “B” in seminary this semester. And I don’t care.

There is a River

Worshipping as I study – this song came on my playlist… There is a river that washes you cleanThere is a tree that marks the places you’ve beenBlood that was spilled, although not your ownFor all of those tears, love will atone So, give up the rightTo control the waves that empty out your lifeAbove … More There is a River


See you in a few weeks… BECAUSE… it’s the end of the semester!!! I’ve got 2 papers due. The kids are away at camp or with friends this week and it’s prime writing time. My beloved spouse is dealing with a bunkered down wife in the piles of journal articles and books. Back when the … More Bunkered