Reflections on Rehab

I blogged recently about my feat of great UNcoordination, and tearing my medial meniscus. How I learned to stop trying to “walk it off” and actually get medical attention. I know. Radical. Well, the lesson has been a slow (and yes, painful) process of learning to listen. Listen to my body. Listen to my pain … More Reflections on Rehab

Prayers for the whys

Tonight I offer prayers for the whys prayers for the not agains prayers for the dying prayers for the dead prayers for the angry prayers for the scared prayers for the healers prayers for the investigators prayers for the grieving prayers for the bystanders prayers for the perpetuators of hate prayers for the unhelpful rhetoric … More Prayers for the whys

A Gentle, Angry People

I have been thinking a lot these past months about privilege and its insidious impact on our culture in general, and the Church in particular. Privilege creates barriers of assumptions. Of misrepresentation. Unfortunately those of us who have privilege  don’t see it.  Privilege comes in many forms: White privilege. Straight privilege. Educated privilege. Housing privilege. … More A Gentle, Angry People