Month: November 2017

In the wild unknown of the Spirit

It’s an adventure… walking by faith and saying to the Divine, “Ok, I am willing.” Part of me tenses up in fear. I wonder, “Is this like praying for patience, and then getting a boatload of opportunities to practice BEING patient?” No, I know…

Bunnies and Coloring and Hymns of the Heart

  Last Sunday, I preached from the book of Amos, and talked about the unlikely messengers who bring us hard words from God. I reminded the congregation that if we only dwelled in the message bearer, we could miss God’s Words to us. In…

The world is not a safe place

Gun violence makes the world feel  unsafe. Gun violence in a house of worship, even more so. But the world is not a safe place.  That seems obvious. But we cling to this ideal of peace, love and happiness. All you need is Love. Give…

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