Friday Prayer: Spent

Cross-posted over at RevGalBlogPals:   Divine One, I sing an “Alleluia!” to the frailty the glory the richness of color in a gasp of glory. O Holy One, in these leaves we see your Divine creative spark, and a reminder that we are frail and failing. In seasons of drabness, in moments of weakness, in … More Friday Prayer: Spent

Ashes Again

Reposted from RevGalBlogPals Friday Prayer: I saw the wildfires, Lord. The flames licking at houses, scorching trees. The stuff of homes and families and memories… GONE. I am undone. The raging power of the flames scared me, their passion was so all-consuming. but unlike the fires, You are not capricious. You are not destructive. I … More Ashes Again

O Joy?

There is this strange idea in some strands of Christianity that we will never have problems or have “bad things happen” if we are truly Jesus-loving people. As if. From the first fig leaf, humanity has seen and known pain, discouragement and doubt. But that’s not what sells, is it? The kiddie Bible my kids … More O Joy?


Another? Another shooting? Whatever the reason… Whoever has done this… I do not understand. I feel helpless… The loss of lives, the stunned survivors… I cannot make excuses or place blame. (But, God, how I want to!) My anger rises at the impotent lawmakers, The greed of the gun lobbyists… My heart can only cry … More Another?