Friday Five: Table Games

RevKJarla of RevGalBlogPals offers this Friday Five:

Advent blessings to you!

Our Friday Five today is taken from a small lucite box of questions called “Table Topics” that someone gave me.   They are supposed to be discussion starters at all of the dinner parties one gives.   I think some of them are fun, so here they are:

1. In what era would you most like to have grown up, and what would be your occupation? definitely would have been a suffragette! I’d join the ranks of Victoria Woodhull’s supporters. And I’d be at a revival, preaching up a storm with my many-greats-grandmother Ellen Brown Hickox Stewart!

2. What fashion trend you followed was very cool then but now looks ridiculous?


It was called “The Flip” and required sleeping on hair rollers with copious amounts of Dippity-Do. And hairspray. And some kind of headband or piece of ribbon to keep it perfectly coifed. (I decided to use a snazzy shoestring in this photo. I think I was about 12 or 13?)

I thought my hair looked BEEEYOUUUUUtiful that day. And after my children stop laughing… I’ll admit that yeah. It looked pretty silly.

3.  If you could work as an assistant to anyone for a year who would you choose? Is it wrong to not want to be an “assistant?” How about co-author? Or co-founder of a charity? Or co-pastor? They would bring the smarts and mad skillz. I would bring passion, energy and organization. The list of people is too long to give anyway. 🙂

4. What did you get in most trouble for when you were young? Here’s a shocker: talking too much.

5.  What are the redeeming qualities of the person you most dislike? Meh. I find this one difficult; my first list of qualities had too much snark in them. I can’t help it. S/he just brings it to the surface in anyone s/he meets! But in the interests of playing along: the person is smart, verbally acute and prolific in publishing.  (And to clarify, unless we live in the same zip code, you’ve never met him/her. Though s/he would like to think s/he is famous.)

Play along if you’d like — or join us over at the RevGals! 🙂


  1. I love your pic! and talking too much? When I was about 7, I was somewhere with my grandmother. someone I didn’t know looked at me and said, “you talk too much.” My grandmother chimed in and agreed… anyway, Happy Advent!


  2. Was that hairdo a one-time gig or a daily ordeal?

    Just yesterday I was thinking about was called knickers at the time — “baggy knee-length trousers, fastened to the leg a little below the knees.” When they first became popular (when I was in early elementary) I thought they were ridiculous, but within a year or so I had a pair. Only one, though – and it was probably just when everyone else decided they were no longer fashionable!


  3. I love your picture, I think it’s very cute. I wish I had the patience to do something like that with my hair. Love the suffragette fantasy. Peace.


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